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Falafel sandwich

This was a perfect lunch break. Gathering for an easy but tasty AND healthy meal with friends – a perfect combination. We had falafel sandwich with loads of micro greens and it was pure joy to eat together. I had a stroll with my youngest to the market to get all the lush and lovely greens. I don’t know, but I find it really hard to stop myself from buying almost everything, once I am at the market. In Munich, we have the famous “Viktualienmarkt”, quiet a special place. It is beautiful, like you can walk around and just indulge all the food and flowers. But it is as well a little microcosmos with it’s own rules! Never, ever try to serve yourself, no way! Take some time and go with the flow, that’s the way you need to behave at this place. Otherwise, you might end up always the last to be served.

But I wanted to talk about lunch: especially about juicy, greenish falafel sandwiches! Take a look:

Dillfresh foodfalafelfalafel sandwichfalafel sandwich

We were happy enough that one of us brought the falafel and some pita with her, so we were ready to build our falafel sandwiches once all were here. You can find tons of recipes in the internet to make them fresh, or you can use a ready steady go falafel mix, that you get at your local organic food retailer. just add water, let sit for a couple of minutes and start baking them. Sometimes there is just not enough time to start from the scratch, although it is always preferable… We had a lovely green smoothie as a starter from my neighbor above… Very satisfying!

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