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Happy Friday and two easy flower tutorials


Happy Friday all together! I never was a huge fan of erica, but when I crossed this flower pot yesterday, I had to buy it. The colors are so vibrant and as it was a rainy and dark day yesterday I appreciated this little color boost! In the mountains the first snow is falling. So I decided we need to make our home cozy for these long dark winter afternoons and nights. I did a little tea light holder, to get some autumn decoration into our apartment. It is a made quickly, just take a little glas and put a elastic strap around it. Cut some erica branches and stick them to the elastic strap like in the second picture below. When you have completed the circle, put some very thin flower wire around the erica. That makes the elastic strap needless and you can cut it away. That’s all just light a tea light candle and enjoy your work!
Candle light with ericacandle light

candlelight with erica

Erica is also predestinated to make little chaplets, crones or bracelets. It is so easy, just take a thin ribbon and add the erica branches with the thin flower wire to it. You decide how thick and how large your chaplet will be. You can make big ones for your house door or tiny little ones to top a present. I thought how lovely it would be to make myself  a fresh flower braceletevery day? I mean, not that there is time for it, but wouldn’t it be great? To treat yourself with just 5-10 little flowers and meditate while doing your bracelet of the day. Maybe one day, when the garden is right in front of my door and when the kids are out of the house! Have a happy friday and a wonderful weekend everyone!

ArmbandErica love

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