Happy Halloween Friday

Happy Halloween

To be honest, I completely grew up without halloween! I guess thats why I never was very excited about this special day. But I know it is a HUGE thing… The first time I really experienced the trick or treat action is 8 years ago. We lived in a furnished apartment these days in a neighborhood with lot’s of kids. And it was on this evening, that I realized that the birth of our first kid couldn’t be to far away… I was sitting (or lying like a huge whale) on the couch, counting the time between two contractions, when the kids started to ring the bell and ask for sweets. In the beginning I found it quiet funny (like, I was just hours away from becoming a mum on my own and to see how fun it was for the kids to get the sweets…). But after an hour of opening the door, laying back down, jumping (not exactly, but…) again to the door and so on, I started to be a bit annoyed. Those kids were ringing the bell without mercy, we lived on the ground floor, so they could see the lights… Finally we hid and switched off all the lights, because I was no longer in the mood for ghosts and mummies… There was something bigger going on… Our first son was born the 1st of November, so we are always preparing the birthday party in the halloween night.

Halloween TreatsBut this year, the two big boys are with their grandparents for the week and the middle one missed his halloween party in kindergarten! Of course he was complaining and in a weak moment I promised him some kind of halloween party, when they come home today. I cut out some bats for decoration and a bit of black vinyl to put a ghost face on the little milk bottles ( I love these bottles, they are just perfect for kids party). To get the pearls on, I dipped the bottle into some melted white chocolate. Very easy and fast, but it makes such a difference. With a colorful paper straw and a bat sitting on it, it is a easy last minute halloween decoration. The little ghost are even easier to make. Just take a lollipop and cut a kitchen roll paper into 4 pieces. Cover the lollipop and paint a little ghost face on it. Done! We will have some more fun food, like baked witch fingers, spooky pizza and so on, but as there is also the birthday party to be prepared, I decided to take it easy and only shoot what is ready right now. I hope you all have fun on this years halloween! Happy friday!

Halloween sweet table


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