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Quince – the queen of autumn fruits!


Huge quince love 

Do you love quinces as much as I do? Or do you associate with these hard fruits rather a love-hate relationship, or never knew something to do with it? I must admit I’m probably the biggest quince lover far and wide! The delicate fragrance of this rock hard fruit flows through our apartment these days and I wish I could preserve it forever.

Quitten im Korb

Quince Jelly – the best Jelly ever!

When it comes to jelly as a spread, the spirits are divided. Either you love it or prefer jam in any case. For quinces, the thing is clear to me! There’s nothing like the delicately sour and yet deliciously sweet quince jelly with its wonderful color.

Quitten aufgeschnitten auf Brett

And – this is not to be underestimated, if you have a steam extractor at hand – it is the simplest solution for processing the rock-hard fruit.

They are rubbed off with a towel, quartered and the rest takes over the juicer. Later, boil the juice with gelling sugar and, if desired, a little vanilla, fill it into sterilized jars and the supplies are already filled with delicious quince jelly.

Quitten im Korb , Quittengelee im Gas

Quince paste = Quittenbrot

Quince paste was always made by my grandmother from Göttingen. The quince paste was cut into small cubes, rolled in the finest sugar and brought out for Christmas with the Christmas cookies! Well, our quince paste never makes it under the Christmas Tree, haha.

And again, for this recipe, an old, often forgotten home appliance is a great helper: the “Flotte Lotte“. No idea how it is called in English, but take a look at the link and you will know.

The soft fruits, left over from juicing,  are strained through the Flotte Lotte (our boys love to do this work!). The pits and skin are removed and the pulp is finely pureed.

Take look at my post about medlars, to see how you proceed to make the best quince paste.

Hand greift Quitte aus Korb

Big love for regional fruits

This year we were fortunate enough to get so many pears and apples of the best organic quality as never before. They were picked with love and we processed them with love.

When the quinces joined in, my luck was perfect.

Only the medlars are missing, our little tree is heavy and we will  harvest them these days. And so we are well prepared for the long winter. Applesauce, pear jam, quince jelly … we will be able to conjure up the scent of autumn at any time!

Neighbourhood love

Incidentally, it pays to ask in the neighborhood for devices that you do not own! We could rent the steam extractor 2 houses around the corner and lend the Flotte Lotte itself. This creates wonderful encounters, don’t be shy, just ask and get to know the people who live around you!

Quitten liegen auf Leinenstoff

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