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Asia noodle stir fry with baked duck

Comfort food at its best

I am sure you all have some go-to dishes when you are craving some feel-good food. One of my favorites in this regard is the Asia noodle pan with plenty of veggies. And since I had some duck breast left over from a shooting, I just added it to the mix.

Grünes Gemüse / Nudelpfanne

Seasonal and regional – with or without meat?

I increasingly phase out meat and sausages from my diet. My eating habits move slowly towards wholefood and especially sustainable groceries.

For a long time I was thinking that I had to give up a lot of food when eating regional and seasonal but today I enjoy eating in rhythm with the seasons. 

And what about the food leftovers from shootings? I decided to integrate them in our daily food schedule. I don’t see any sense in throwing away food. 

That’s why we have a recipe for an Asia noodle pan with backed duck breast. For the ones who like it vegetarian, just skip the duck please – the dish remains super tasty!

Asian duck stir fry with noodles in a pan

Duck breast sous vide

The shooting that gifted me the duck breast was about the sous vide cooking method. I am sure you have heard about it. The method is rooted in upper gourmet kitchens but gets more and more popular in normal kitchens.

The groceries (meat, fish, fruits, vegetables…) together with herbs are vacuumed in a plastic bag and then gently simmered in a water bath at low temperatures (usually around 50-85 degrees Celsius). It is due to the slow cooking that the meat gets very evenly rose and extremely tender. The veggies keep their crisp bite. 

The thing that really bothers me is the use of plastic bags. I am really trying left and right to axe plastic. And I do miss the smell of cooking, it almost feels a bit soulless to cook this way. 

Before serving the sous vide meats you usually roast it in a pan since there is no crust happening in a water bath. 

Bottom line: The duck breast turned out to be heavenly tender, beautifully rose and very tasty. A dream for food my food stylist’s heart but also concerning for my ecological consciousness. 

Any thoughts on this? Have you ever tried sous vide cooking? How do you like this method?

Asiatische Nudelpfanne mit Ente, in Schüssel

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