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A stroll through our garden

As soon as the colombines blossom, nature starts to explode. Every year that’s the time, when I take a close and concious tour through our garden. I make all kinds of checks on the status: did all the shrubs and bushes make it through the winter, are the strawberries starting to blossom, is the elder-tree about to flower, etc. There usually are a couple of ant nests to remove or snail eggs to find before these “gourmands” hatch. The plant beds will be dug over and planted with new life and the carefully at home nurtured seedlings will find a new home in fresh air. What a wonderful and joyous moment – every year!

When we have the entire garden-crew together – consisting of 4 grown ups and at least 6 children – it’s really busy and joyfully lively. You’ll find people plucking weeds, digging over plant beds, planting seedlings, playing soccer, dancing on the slackline, digging in the mud, or just firing up the BBQ… Great! So vivid. The big children are of really good help – if they feel like it  – and get quite some work done.

And then there are these quite moments – in the morning time, nobody but myself. The morning dew is sparkling in the sun and there is nothing but peace and quite. A quick detour after my morning run by the garden, picking fresh flowers for our home and taking some fresh lettuce, arugula, whatever is ready to be harvested… Without words – priceless!



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