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Pomegranate salt

As every year we start making little presents in our kitchen. The kids love to help, it makes them proud to be such good helpers. In between all the christmas parties in school and kindergarten, and all the other great christmas activities, the pomegranate salt is perfectly doable. You don’t need much to start and it is done more or less in a few minutes. It takes some time to dry though. The kids could do it all by themselves, really cool!

So all you need is a good coarse salt and a ripe pomegranate. Put the salt on a tablet or baking sheet and cut the pomegranate in two pieces. Carefully press the juice out and mix it with the salt. It is a color explosion! We did sprinkle our new painted wall…

Allow the salt to dry completely and then fill it into small bags or glasses. I won’t show how we did it, as some of my readers might get one for christmas…




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