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Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas

Now Christmas is right in front of the door! We went to pick our christmas tree last week-end. It became a tradition to do it with close friends and their kids. We always drive to the same farm and it is fun to choose one of the trees with the kids. Unfortunately there was no snow, it is still rather warm here in Munich. Last preparations are now to cook our christmas dinner stew. I love to cook it a day before, so it can simmer the whole day on the stove. On Christmas Eve we only need to reheat it and cook some noodles with… perfect. As you know, we live in a 3 room apartment and our kitchen comes together with the living room. So tonight, we will close the door to the kitchen/living room and prepare the christmas tree, put the gifts around it, set the table. I love this moment. All the stress is gone by then, school is over, gifts are wrapped… In the morning we picknick in the kids room ( as the door to the kitchen/living room remains closed till the evening). It is always fun to sit down on the floor, the excitement of the kids is extraordinary… And then spend the whole day in the Zoo. You may wonder about ist, but for us it is perfect! We need to be outside the flat as half of it is not available due to christmas secrets… And in the Zoo we spend hours outside, the kids can run and everybody is happy. We are even meeting friends there again, another tradition we have together! So nice!


Gingerbread hearts

We did bake gingerbread hearts weeks ago, because they need time to become tender again. I love them! But this year I almost forgot to decorate them. Each family member gets his own heart… It is like meditating to make the frosting and play around with it while decorating the cakes. Perfect to calm down! So what about you? Do you have family traditions for Christmas? Whatever you do, enjoy the time and the moments, the excitement and the calm! Merry Christmas to all of you!





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