Iced drinks for a hot summer day

We are literally melting away in our flat. Summer finally arrived in Munich and I really do enjoy it. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the public pool with friends and it seemed that the whole town was there…. But still, to see the kids swimming, diving, playing in the water is great. Pure joy, sparkling eyes… and a dip into the water was highly appreciated by myself!

Our flat has a lot of windows and we are lucky enough to always get some nice sunshine in at least two rooms (we only have 3 rooms:-)). It is so great to have that much light, especially during the long months in autumn, winter and spring. On really hot and sunshiny days like now, it heats up quickly… I try to open all the windows during the night and the early morning and then cover all the windows, to keep the heat out and the cool air inside. It is not really working though… So in order to stay a bit cold from inside, I made myself an iced coffee. Very easy and convenient, just put a lot of ice cubes, strong cold espresso, cold milk and if desired some agave syrup into a blender. Blend it up for a few seconds and sprinkle with some dark chocolate… Perfect! Creamy without being too rich…

Iced Drinks


For those of you who want to stay away from caffeine and dairy, I made a very refreshing ice tea. My brother who recently was in Istanbul, brought me some beautiful dried rose flowers. Together with fresh mint from my balcony and a slice of lime, it turns out to be a perfect combination. Make it first thing in the morning, so that the tea can cool down and serve it with lot’s of ice cubes. Delicious and beautiful!


Iced Tea



We will leave town to spend the weekend at my parents-in-law place. They have a natural water pool.. and ice-cream… and we will sleep in the basement, where it is nice and cool… and the kids can go upstairs in the morning, while the parents take an extra round of sleep… Mh, I love summer! Happy Friday!!!!




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