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You might have read my last post and point 5 was to build a beautiful website and portfolio page. Well, I am trying to get there but there will be also a massive blog remodeling be involved, as I am changing the theme.

Same as last year I am not at all a web designer and only have a very, very basic knowledge about wordpress and the structure behind. So I am struggling again wit all the terminology, with all the design options and so on. But I feel the huge urge to learn about it and to be able to do it by myself rather then hire a web designer who would probably only need a few hours to get everything right. So please, be patient with me and my blog over the next couple of weeks.

I’ll do my best to learn fast and to be brave enough to try out things. It might result in a weird looking blog in the beginning but I truly believe I can do this, just step by step! A lovely women from one of my workshops with Christina is helping me a lot, she is unbelievable patient and I am very thankful for all her thoughts and tips she is giving me!

To stay energized, I made myself a fresh and full of vitamin green salad with quinoa and black lentils and a poached egg on top of it. Delicious. I went to the market yesterday and to see all the fresh vegetables coming back on the farmers stands is awesome!

All of a sudden I had at least 10 recipes to try out in my head and it was hard not to buy all the fresh greens. The eggs are from young hens and really small but I love them. Don’t they look perfect even plain as they are to decorate for easter? For the recipe? Just make a salad with your favorite dressing and all the beautiful greens available now, cook some quinoa with little black lentils together for 20 minutes and poache an egg – here you go!

young hen eggs

asia salad

fresh from the market

quinoa with poached egg



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