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Ranunculus Love

Just a few flower impressions. My mother brought them from Heidelberg, she knows I love ranunculus. After a huge temperature drop down, I enjoy them even more. Together with some anemones they brighten up my day! For me pink, rose and white flowers are a perfect mix and match.


Untitled-1Family time

My brother, his lovely girlfriend and my mum are here over Easter. It is great to spend time together, to see how the kids connect immediately with them even though they see each other not that often. The big boys went to the circus with their uncle, to watch an animal training. They sat right next to the lions and I think they were quiet impressed. And of course they loved the popcorn…



I am actually enjoying a little break from the normal daily living. And as well from constantly thinking about the blog, the website, the layouts, the things I want to change and have no idea how… Like the blank space in the sliders on my portfolio. Or the way the blog is showing, I want to get rid of the preview but would need a proper hack into the theme to do so… It is kind of depressing me a bit, but on the other side I get more and more motivated to learn a bit more of coding. But today I decided to give me a rest and while the big ones where out with my brother and the little one was doing his nap, I just read a book. I love reading, but hardly take the time for it.



Happy Friday

After half an hour it kind of hit me that it is Friday today. So I stood up to take a few shoots from the beautiful flowers, and the easter cookies my mother brought. Because its Friday, it is post time and of course Happy Friday time! I hope you all enjoy the day off and the easter break. I am looking forward to watch the kids searching the eggs. For the little one it is going to be magic… Happy Easter everybody!



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