101 things to do in 1001 days

I spend two days in hospital this week and had some time to read all the great blogs I follow. I moved forward to know, how my website to come should look like and I stumbled over a list of 101 things to do in the next 1001 days! I am inspired by this list, and will start right away to write down wishes, ideas, dreams for the next 1001 days. And each time I reach one thing I will write the date next to it…. Kind of a challenge…

So here we go,

my 101 wishes, dreams and goals I want to realize in the next 1001 days, totally random (20.03.2015 – 15.12.2017):

  1. dancing through the night
  2. gathering with friends for a homecooked meal once a month (0/33)
  3. always flowers on our living table ( preferred picked from the garden)
  4. read a book each month (0/33)
  5. realize my website and start a beautiful portfolio page (work in progress!)
  6. a weekend just for my love and me – twice a year
  7. send one postcard to a friend each month (0/33)
  8. make enough strawberry jam to last till the next season
  9. see the sea at least once a year (0/3)
  10. shoot a beautiful ice cream session
  11. writing a cookbook
  12. be early enough with Christmas preparation not to get stressed
  13. go skiing with my 3 boys and lovely husband
  14. girls weekend with very dear friends once a year (0/3)
  15. feeling fit
  16. planting, growing and harvesting old types of vegetables
  17. watching a movie in the cinema
  18. travel to Amsterdam
  19. travel to Copenhagen
  20. finish some sewing projects I always wanted to do
  21. have an organized pantry, filled with healthy food
  22. clean our windows regularly
  23. enjoy a coffee in the sun
  24. be as much outside with my boys as possible
  25. make the tax announcement not last minute
  26. sort out my wardrobe
  27. get basics to combine and wear without being frustrated in the morning
  28. grind my knifes regularly
  29. take time to call friends more often
  30. make myself beautiful backgrounds to photograph
  31. cook with my boys
  32. hosting a grill party in our garden
  33. sleeping overnight in our garden hut
  34. camping with our camper one weekend per month during summertime
  35. watching the boys grow and be happy about it
  36. get my paperwork done without being in a bad mood
  37. sort out everything we don’t need in our flat
  38. rent our flat out while we are away for holidays
  39. make a family vacation in the Pacific Northwest
  40. capture candid moments with my camera
  41. print pictures once in a while
  42. drink enough water during the day ( I manage to drink almost 2l – at least an improvement)
  43. get a facial
  44. practice my buddhist meditation every day and encourage people
  45. learn to play guitar
  46. get a brilliant work/life balance
  47. believe in my dreams
  48. play basketball once in a while
  49. organize my mail account
  50. get a better system to save all my files
  51. get a logo I love
  52. find the branding I am dreaming of for my business
  53. feel my camera as an extension of my arm
  54. make more homemade pasta
  55. work through the workshops from Christina Greve, still so much to read
  56. encourage my boys to try new things
  57. play a card or board game with the boys once a week
  58. puzzle more often with my middle one ( a 1000 pc puzzle is in progress, although my husband is way more patient then me…)
  59. get out of my comfort zone more often
  60. bake more bread
  61. a family candle light dinner once in a while
  62. eat seasonal
  63. buy regional products
  64. learn how to cut the fruit trees in our garden
  65. go to medical check ups regularly
  66. write down ideas instantly in my note book
  67. teach the kids some english
  68. skype more often with my brothers
  69. a picnic
  70. walking barefoot in the rain
  71. listening to good music and dance through the flat
  72. internet free evenings
  73. sewing new pillows for the couch
  74. get our work/dorm room nicer
  75. spent some time on the balcony
  76. go swimming with the kids
  77. sing more often with the little one
  78. deligate things that others can do better
  79. plant lemon grass
  80. drink a glass of water with fresh lemon juice first thing in the morning
  81. go more often to flea markets to find beautiful props
  82. learn to say “no”
  83. visit my french family
  84. get focused on upcoming project
  85. movie nights with popcorn and homemade lemonade with the older boys
  86. always micro greens on my window bench, ready to eat
  87. one smoothie a day for each family member
  88. a weekend with the whole family in a tiny little hut in the mountains
  89. a weekend at a farm with dear friends once a year (0/3)
  90. playing with concrete (diy projects…)
  91. dance class with my honey
  92. snorkel with our oldest one
  93. repaint the wall in the living room
  94. visit a concert ( classic or rock…)
  95. try new ingredients to cook and bake with
  96. always be open minded
  97. sleep enough = go earlier to bed sometimes
  98. be spontaneous
  99. more kisses!
  100. no comparison to other people’s life and work
  101. do as much as I can to make the 100 dreams and goals come true – step by step

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