Happy Friday with an Immun Booster Smoothie

Another week past by. I spent a lovely evening with friends to celebrate my birthday. Surprisingly the evening ended early in the morning, at around 5am! There were just to lovely people, good drinks and nice conversations around to go to bed.

happy gathering with friendsbeets and pumkins IMG_0649 So when my boys woke me up on my birthday itself, I was still feeling a bit slow (only a bit of course!!). My youngest one was so excited to open the packages with me and to see what was in them – it was hilarious to watch him being overexcited! We had a piece of the best chocolate cake and then decided to go for a walk. It was a chilly but sunny Sunday morning and we took of to let the wind blow away the dizziness in our heads – kids were not dizzy at all though! But the Theresienwiese, were the famous Oktoberfest takes part in September, is during the year a peaceful place to let the boys run…


Coming home I had to start using my new blender. Finally I upgraded, and those who know me know that I love machines! That might sound weird, but it is the truth! I love my sewing machine, as much as my embroidery machine, as much as my cutting machine, as much as my kitchen aid, as much as my juicer, as much as… And while we crashed the old blender during making excessive but delicious homemade food gifts for Christmas, we were in urgent need for a new one!!  I only had it for a few days now, but I love it! So the mission was to make a delicious smoothie to kick off a true love between the blender and my family! There is nothing easier to boost your energy and your immune system then with a simple smoothie. So the first one was to spoil the kids, sweet and creamy. Just frozen bananas, mango, pineapple and a bit of water. Yummy! The second one – the immune booster- was with pink grapefruit, pineapple, mango and of course fresh ginger. To add some more really tasteful vitamin C I added one passion fruit. Kids were sipping once and then decided to go with the sweet not grapefruity version – but me and my love just indulged it!

glasespink grapefruitImmun booster smoothieOrange-pineapple-mango-smoothie

So thank you everyone for all the good thoughts, the moments we spent together in the last year, the incredible cool presents and most of all the friendship we are sharing! I am excited to start into a new year and I am thinking about writing a bucket list for it, have you ever written one? I already said it once, I am a huge fan of lists, so why not write one down with the goals and wishes for my last year before I turn forty :-)? I think it really helps to nail down some things I really want to make “real” soon. The only thing that keeps me from doing it, is the fear not to succeed. But hey, I truly believe that often the way to reach a goal or wish is the most important part of the journey and what comes out in the end is not that important.

life can be so sweet!

I hope you will have a happy Friday with an immun booster smoothie! And by the way, Christina just opened her registration for her new workshop. I am sure she will top herself, so jump on if you are in any doubt of doing it!!

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