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Happy Friday with Microgreens

It is birthday season in our house, my mom, then our littlest one and I will follow on Sunday. And as well it is flue season. Almost half the people I know are lying down in bed at the moment, so I keep drinking tons of ginger tea and ginger-carrot-beetroot-juice. We eat soups, of course infused with ginger and we squeeze oranges and grapefruits everyday in hope to give the kids an extra immun boost (and they love to squeeze the juicy fruits).

snowing in town

In between birthday cakes and snowy days, the sun came out for a couple of hours, and I had a huge longing for a fresh but also filling salad. I was to lazy to go shopping so I took what was in the fridge and ended with a smoked salmon potato salad with mozzarella and snow peas, topped with some homegrown microgreens. Yummy! Accompagnied with some horse radish crème fraîche it did the trick for me. You won’t need a recipe to do it, just cook some potatoe and snow peas, and combine them with mozzarella chunks, smoked salmon and some lemon filets. Microgreens of your choice on top, two spoons of horse radish mixed with some crème fraîche and that’s it! Happy Friday!

smoked salmon with potato and snow peas

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Do you know the feeling when your perception starts getting interested in one thing and then you can see it all around? That is what happened to me with microgreens.  Since I was using it on the green pea soup last time, I kind of fell in love with them and started to grow them on our window sill. I planted all different kinds and  most of them turned out really well. Especially daikon, arugula and radish are fast and easy to grow. In around ten days you can start to harvest and imagine how kids love to watch the little plants grow. The rest of the seeds I used take a bit longer, I hope I will write a post over the whole microgreens story soon, because they are healthy and beautiful and tasty and so easy to grow. And especially in wintertime it makes me feel happy to see the tiny little plants grow on my window sill. It is mandatory that you have to speak to them and almost treat them like family members – before you eat them :-)

Microgreens Microgreens

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