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Wax flower love

Each year in January I fall in love with wax flowers. Do you know these little beauties? The look is so fragile and tender although they tend to stay fresh forever. I love to put them in little vases, like this you can have little bouquets in every room  just with a few branches. Three or four branches in one vase look amazing too, you get an airy look, perfect for this time of the year. The little flowers always seem to smile at me, seriously they make me happy!

We had a warm and really sunny day yesterday. It almost felt like spring and I spent the day with my two younger boys in the zoo. It was so good to feel the sun in my face, to escape a little bit from the grey and dark hours we mostly have at the moment. I am so thankful my son forced me to take my bike and pedal to the zoo, it was a pleasant half an hour ride, I really enjoyed it. This morning we are back to grey. We are back to some rain and it never got bright today. So it was time to bring in the wax flowers to cheer me up! Take a look, do you like them as much as I do?

my favorite winter flowersIMG_0003wax flowersbeautiful wax flowers

wax flowers in little vaseswax flowers, always beautifulwax flowerswax flowers

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