Happy Friday and Happy New Year

I know I am a bit late, but Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you had a fantastic start  into this year 2015. I enjoyed the time off with my family, we finished the boys room and it came out amazing! It was a lot of work and we really had to give a lot of energy into this project, but seeing the happiness and the pride in the boys faces makes every moment worth it! We all love the room already it gives a totally different feeling to the whole apartment. We had one 6th birthday to celebrate, we did our traditional trip to the zoo the 24th of December and had a great time with friends there. The sun was shining, the kids where playing 5 hours outside in the air and like this we had a very cozy Christmas Eve. The time was followed with lovely family gatherings, good food (or should I say huge feasts?), with fun moments in the snow, a trip to my hometown Heidelberg and like this the time flew by like nothing. To wake up at 6:30h yesterday morning was a bit of a shock: “What? Time to get up? School, kindergarten, play-group, work? ” But well, as everything there are always two sides and although in one way it is kind of sad to come back to all the daily routines, it is on the other side nice to start everything over again.

Are you guys fans for good intentions at the beginning of a new year? I still like to think about it and to take a few decisions. With the Jumpstart Workshop in my head, I try to write them down with dates, to motivate myself. Deadlines are scary, but they also force me to step out of my comfort zone in order to reach my goals. My head is still full of ideas, of pictures which aren’t taken yet, with words which aren’t written yet. So one of my main goals in 2015 is to learn how to focus, how to get ideas straight and make them real. I want to find my very own balance between work and family life, without forgetting myself in the whole process. So writing down my intentions/goals/visions and to start prioritizing them wasn’t easy at all, but I will take one step after the other and I am really looking forward to 2015!

Happy Friday, Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart to you. May all your dreams and visions become clear and true, may 2015 be a happy, successful, bright and shiny year for you and your family!

snow greetings

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