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Happy Friday with more Christmas Cookies

I hope you all enjoy a Happy Friday! We had a little Christmas party at the kindergarten today, so I decided to show you some rockstar cookies, my boys made recently! I love how colorful they are, and although there is no snow in sight here in Munich, we have a little snowman with us…

christmas cookiesI am late with my decoration this year, but one thing I love to have is a tiny little tree in a jar. I can almost feel the joy of kids playing with the little animals, it made me happy to find this deer family within all the other animals who live in a basket in the boys room… They are made to stand right next to my “tree” and the boys were generous enough to lend them to me for a little while.


These cookies, called “Spitzbuben” are very famous with my husband and my oldest son, so I have to keep them away sometimes. There are not many left but I guess it is a good sign for the baker, right?

cookie timeLinzertörtchen – also very delicious and this is a cake you can make all year round. But I love it most around Christmas. I normally do one big cake, but this year I wanted to have some give aways for some lovely people around us, and so I split the dough to make little cakes. I hope I will be able to share the recipe soon, but this Friday will end in 10 minutes, german time, so honestly I need to go to bed!

LinzertorteWe are desperately waiting for snow! So we made some coconut cookies to give the polar bears something to play with… The days have been more or less grey, only today we had some sun and I just thought how beautiful light can be! Alright three minutes left on this Happy Friday! This was a last minute post…. Good night!

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