Happy Friday

Happy Friday Cookie


I will teach a little class of Christmas cookies bakery and decorating this Friday afternoon with two ( I am sure) lovely ladies. Lucky me! I am already thankful to be able to share something I really love and admire. Christmas bakery is a highlight in my “bakery year”. It helps me to come through the dark afternoons and evenings. And as I told you already, I always remember the good time I spend with my grandmother. She died to early so some memories are only vague, but no one can ever steel the feeling I dive in while smelling the sweet and most delicious flavors while baking “Gutzels”. Over the years there were a lot of different recipes I tried, and there are still more about to come… As much as I love the traditional cookies from my family, I love to try out something new! So decorating cookies with colorful icing was defiantly nothing my grandma did! But it is so much fun, and I will show you my favorite royal icing recipe and techniques soon. I just have to prepare now for the afternoon… Have a happy Friday!

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