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Garden Impressions and Happy Friday

It’s friday again!!! I can’t believe how time is rushing at the moment. But take a look at some garden impressions yesterday. We have beautiful days here in Munich, it’s warm and dry and the colors are amazing. The orange is boosting on every corner and there are still leaves on the trees. It won’t be long and the first autumn storm will bring the wind to blow them all away. I am always a bit wistful at the end of summer, but there was no reason for it the last days We were able to harvest the last raspberries and even some potatoes. Our kids love the search for them, it is each year like they are searching for real treasures! So sweet. I love that they can see how vegetables and fruits are growing. I was able to pick some last flowers, I will miss them during winter time. Each time I leave the garden, I need to take at least a tiny bouquet with me ( so often my hubby is rolling his eyes, when the kids are ready to leave after calling them 14374385628 times that they should get ready to jump on their bikes) and then I need to pick some flowers! But hey, I need my personal garden impressions at home, and I love them to be fresh and colorful, so I NEED FLOWERS… I hope you all enjoy a happy friday and a wonderful weekend!HerbsternteHerbst RoseBorretsch

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