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Little Sunday Treat

Living in Europe, France was always a summer vacation destination for my family. Since I was little I remember spending the summer near the sea. And I also remember the meals we had with french friends who always made the most amazing food for us. Everything tasted delicious, and I guess my love for food was somewhere planted in France. When I was 16 years old, I spent a year in Montpellier, France with a lovely host family. In the beginning I couldn’t understand a word, and to be honest, my french from school was more than poor. So the first 3 months were really tough, my head was full of new words and I often felt asleep very early in the evening. But there were special moments, that kept me alive during this period. My host father was – and he still is – a brilliant cook and the food he made for us caressed my soul during the moment where I felt really homesick. We spend hours together in the mountains, searching chanterelles and the best thing about it was, that we did it in silence :-).

If you have been to France once, you might have recognized the huge section of dairy products in the supermarkets. There are all different kinds of yoghurt, plain or with fruits, “fromage blanc”, and then there are at least 20 different “flan” (custards). I am addicted to vanilla beans, so with a good vanilla flan served in small pots you can always get me! Even today, as soon as I am in France, I go to the supermarket and get some flans, I just love them. The best thing about it is that they are easily made by yourself! Try it out, I am sure you will do them again and again and again… With the silky texture and the soft vanilla aroma it is a perfect little treat! I took the recipe from Béa, author of the lovely blog “La tartine gourmand“, you can find it here. And yes, with chocolate they are also delicious!





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