Happy Friday!



Wow, time is running! It’s impossible that it is already friday!! But there is no doubt about it and so, here we go:

Our youngest son started sleeping through the night!!! Yeah, I touch the wood right now that this is going to continue. It feels SO GREAT to wake up in the morning after a whole night of sleep!

I tried a new recipe for muffins and they turned out great. Not only to take pictures, but to experiment in the kitchen makes me happy!

I took a look at our calendar and realized that it is only 2 more weeks and we are gone for a 14 day trip to Italy! I kind of paniced shortly but am so looking forward as well!

Our 5 year old son yesterday at the dinner table: ” Mama, isn’t it great that you got another baby after me? It is SO cool to have him around!”… You can imagine…there were tears of joy in my eyes…

My whole family is going to Portland in fall. We are missing the trip but I am really happy for them and sure they will have an awesome time together!

I stumbled over “le sac en papier”… How great is this, i want to have one! Take a look here.

At a weak moment, this 5 Self confidence boosters, really helped me out!

I enjoyed reading this article, Emily writes in such a humorous way, it is always a joy!

Have a nice week-end everyone!

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