Happy Friday!


Think Happy

So here we go again: things that made me happy last week:

We had a lovely time celebrating my mother in law’s birthday. Our kids had a blast with old friends – to see them giggling over hours is pure joy!

I love flowers – I guess you already know that. So again spending half an hour in our garden, picking flowers with my youngest made me more than happy!

To have a huge bucket the whole week through, made me smile every morning when I was sitting on our table making breakfast for the kids, still half asleep…

We visited the brand-new baby of close friends. It is such a wonder, and each time I see such a small person, I am overwhelmed with happiness and gratefulness.

We spent some hours with Hannah, god-mother of our youngest – and having her around me ALWAYS makes me happy!

Listening to our oldest son, how he tells stories about sailing and to see that he loved it!

I got all pictures from the birthday party edited – so this week Lightroom made me happy!

And because I am a newbee to it, I am so, so happy to follow this video audience . Learning makes me happy!

With the weather changing from minute to minute, I was able to finally wear my BMS Hafen City soft-shell coat! I have it in yellow and to walk through the rain with it is so much nicer :-)

And finally this week was so packed with appointments of all different kind, that I am happy I survived this week and it is FRIDAY today!

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