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Winter wonderland with amazing hoar frost

The most beautiful hoar frost

Although there is no snow in sight, we found our winter wonderland last weekend. Up in the mountains, were the shades are long and the sun can’t reach the ground, the most amazing hoar frost is forming at the moment. Huge crystal ice flowers, so delicate and sophisticated like I have never seen it before! It is ice cold up there but so, so  beautiful!


Frosted landscape Hoar FrostFrosted treeHoar frost Ice CrystalHoar Frost WinterwonderlandWinter Hoar FrostWinter wonderlandHoar Frost WinterFrost

If I could, I would have picked some ice flowers to bring them home… Fascinated like a child I was wondering around until my hands were frozen and the sun further on in the valley was calling…

Each member of our family has written SNOW on it’s wishlist for Christmas. But again it does not seem to come true. I guess we have to come back to this winter wonderland made out of hoar frost!


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