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And now, last but not least: Food! Whoever comes to Buenos Aires will find a true food paradise awaiting your indulgence. One of the first thoughts, that comes to mind is beef! Steaks, thick juicy steaks in all kind of variations always prepared to perfection. Whoever wants to have a really delicious feast should definitely stop by at Don Julio. We had to return several nights to relish the T-Bone steak which I severely miss…!

As mentioned in my previous posts the many many fruit- and vegetable stands all over the place. In case there is no ice cream store or a small bakery at the next corner, you’ll find one of these small market places with a great variety of fresh salads, fruits and vegetables. It’s fascinating how much of a variety you’ll find in these often tiny looking spaces. Starting in the afternoon you’ll often find precut fresh salad variations, which you can mix and match to your liking – carrots, beetroots, cucumber, celery, … Also precut vegetables to take home and simply throw in a hot pan at home and there you go – a fresh meal is on your table.

Empanadas – another passion of the Argentinians. Possible questions here are: deep fried or baked, hearty or sweet? Surprisingly there are a variety of meat stffed empanadas, which have a slight sugar coating on the outside. Every bakery offers empanadas in case they are not specialized on solely empanadas :-).

There is a strong Italian influence in Buenos Aires, which can be easily discovered in the food area as well. Fresh pasta manufactured by old italian pasta machines. Stroll along, grab some pasta, throw it in boiling water and enjoy! Here in Germany, fresh made pasta seems to be more like a luxury good as opposed to Buenos Aires, where you find it all over the place more like a fresh made staple food.

Medialunas. Again something quite irresistible! Even though they remind you of croissants, they are somehow different. Slightly sweeter, fresh from the oven still juicy from the significant amounts of butter…. The classic “breakfast to go”! The only challenge is not to eat too many of them at a time. Especially worth mentioningare the medialunas by “Lucio” (at the corner of Scalabrini Ortiz and Güemes). My mouth is instantly watering just thinking about it! Bakeries here in Buenos Aires are generally fantastic. There are tons of different cookies, small tarts, sandwiches – an ongoing “embarras de richesses”

At the end of our trip we were fortunate enough to stumble across a food truck festival. Yes also in the Argentinian capital the foodtruck scene is totally present. You can choose from mexican tacos, mediterranian gambas, various beef or pullled porc dishes, empanadas, muffins, cakes, tartlets, crème brulée, ice cream, popsicles…. in a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. A feast for all senses!


















Mexican Food Truck

Food Beetle

FoodtrucksBABakery Truck


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