2 years blogging – happy birthday!

Another year has gone by! Crazy but true and I am happy to look back to two years of blogging right now. I did some huge changes in the blog design last year and was able to built up a portfolio page. So I am proud to say I reached a lot of my goals. And needless to say – I have a lot new goals to reach within the next year :-)!

I couldn’t resist to serve a plate full of freshly made pavlova and mango sorbet again. I used the same recipe as last year and only added some cream. I loved the idea of putting just one big plate in the middle of the table and everybody digs in… So from my first post till now quiet a few things changed I am really happy about it. Like last year, I am off to the mountains this weekend, so happy birthday little blog!

Pavlova-Mangosorbet with cream







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