Fast life

Life is running fast these days…. or faster, or should I say faster then ever before?

The summer break ended with epic marriage festivities from my brother and his wife. It was amazing and outstanding, and soon there will be some pics to see on the blog.

But for now, kids are in the foreground. School is back – 3rd grade for our oldest son, and school is here, 1st grade for our middle son. What an exciting day, this first day of school! Well and the little one startet Kindergarten 3 day ago, so jippih hey ho! Daily routine needs to settle in, until now everything feels new and changed. Not changed are the many appointments coming with the daily life, like soccer, school meetings for the parents, Cajon…

So things are literally piling up! In real as staples all over our apartment (there is no space to let fall down anything anywhere anymore…). In the virtual world as not responded emails and requests, not written posts… And in my head the words and stories I want to share with good friends, but don’t find the time to call them.

So please, be patient with me again…. Happy Friday, Tina

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