Summer in the city

It is still the loveliest and hottest summer since a couple of years. Days are passing by with long hours in the studio, with jumps into the river Isar at the way home and with warm nights. But I guess it will be over soon. I just set up my table to shoot a few berries for you guys, but the darkest clouds are coming over the town, and all daylight seems to be gone!

So today, I only have iPhone snapshots for you, summer moments in August:


Holidays. Summer break. Six weeks of freedom. I can totally remember the feeling I had as a kid, enjoying the long weeks of summer vacation. Time to paint outside, to waterslide down a hill, to experience adventures with the best friends. Great! Summer in Munich also means to stop by the Isar and to let you fload down a couple of times until you are shaking of the cold. And then jump on the bike and the cold will last in my case until I reach the Wiesn, where the famous Oktoberfest will take place in a couple of weeks.
IMG_6588In the evening sun, I love to cross this huge place by bike. The atmosphere is busy right now, the tents are getting ready for this huge event and you can follow the progress while cycling by.
Sommer1Fresh fruits to work with. Life as a food stylist can be delicious…And there is always a good lunch around the corner…


Our garden is fighting against the heat. But there is no chance to water it enough. It is just to hot. It kind of breaks my heart to see the plants getting dryer and dryer. So I try to stop by as often as I can to spend a moment in peace in this beautiful little place. Summer in the city – I love it!


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