Winter –

I know, everyone wants to see spring impressions now. Tulips, Ranunculus, pastel colors… Well I still enjoy the winter, and even though I love spring I am happy to play in the snow! We spent the last weekend in the mountains. A quality time weekend, with dear friends, good conversations, some skiing, slope rides and happy kids! To see them having fun all together (there where seven little people hanging out together), building snow canals and kickers, the sun was going up, even if it was constantly snowing! Being out of the city and watching a clear sky at night with uncountable stars is just such a treat once in a while!



The best thing, there is a girls skiing out weekend ahead of me! Yeah! Three nights of good sleep, skiing with friends without watching the boys (don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to ski with them, especially as our littlest one is doing his first attempts…). I still love the snow! Monday I might change my mind and I am sure, the huge longing for the spring to come can’t be far away… but for now – it is still snowtime! Happy Friday to all of you!





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