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A Valentines Burger

I am not a believer in Valentines Day! Sorry to say it because I know for a lot of people it is an important day and they love to prepare and celebrate it. You just have to look around in the blogger world and everything seems to be pink and red and full of hearts these days. Don’t get me wrong I love pink and I love romance…

So here is my version of a valentines present: I decided we should have a burger BBQ in our little garden and what should I say, it turned out great! We made a fire and had the most delicious burgers in a while, and a my love is as huge burger fan. It was a perfect valentines gift, don’t you think? With a benefit for all of us, because we had so much fun preparing and lightning the fire, to break some huge ice chunks out of the water reservoir. We found the first little snowdrops, and my heart made jumps, from now on, our garden will bring us flowers till the end of November… Sometimes maybe only a single one, but nature is waking up, even though there is still some snow covering most parts of the garden…

Burger in wintertime

winterI brought some of my homegrown pea sprouts with me, because I could see them on my burger since waking up in the morning. Speaking of my microgreen project, I have to say that beside daikon, radish and arugula, the pea sprouts are my favorites! I mean take a look, they look georgeus, they are easy to grow and they taste delicious! Please, give it a try  and start to grow your own vitamins on your window bench.

pea sproutsBeside my microgreen enthusiasm, I brought simple buns, and basic burger ingredients, like onions, cucumber, lettuce and of course avocado! Since I had my first avocado burger in Haleiwa at Kua ‘Aina, I need avocado on a decent burger! Maybe it is because it was on one of the most romantic, beautiful and heart filling holidays I ever went, when I felt in love with avocado burgers and of course Hawaii… I guess who ever has been to the North Shore of Hawaii wants to return one day! At least I want to! No need to say I was there with the love of my life who had the honor to eat these tasteful burgers with me today  :-). Happy Valentines!

Burger Burger BBC in winter

Burger Lovefire in wintertimeSnowdrops are coming out, the first sign of spring? I would say not really, it is a winter flower for me, which makes it even more special. I mean it is such a tender little flower, but strong enough to fight it’s way through the snow, to resist the ice-cold winds and come back every year! Real beauties, I think!

snow dropsThe rubber boots are waiting for the little feet to run through the garden and to do some real work, like digging over the earth in the vegetable beds… But for now, everything is still frozen and sleeping underneath the snow. But every winter follows a spring – it will be really welcome!


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