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Happy Friday and Rosemary Plum Crumble

Ok, I swear, no rosemary in my next post!! But when i opened my fridge and saw that there still was rosemary desperately waiting to be used. I’ll be out of town the next two weeks, and I had the feeling the rosemary was almost shooting out loud: “Don’t leave me behind!”. And as – without any doubt – autumn has arrived in Munich I decides to make some quick plum crumbles and add my favorite herb to it…. But no, I am not addicted to it, no way!!!

plumsPflaumen Crumble


There is not a real recipe behind it. I just cut the plums into small pieces, added minced rosemary and mixed a handful of flour with some butter and cane sugar to make the crumbles. 15 minutes in the oven, and thats it…

So I’ll be away for the next two weeks, and maybe there’ll be a post – but maybe not. Please be patient with me again…Have a good time and hey it’s happy friday today!!!

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