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I was talking to a friend recently and she told me about all the apricots she needs to harvest… We were wondering what she could do with all these beautiful fruits. So once I start thinking about a special ingredient, or a dish I want to cook, I can’t stop anymore. I decided to do a really quick dessert or even snack  with the apricots I had at home. I just cuttet them into halves and sprinkled them with some cane sugar. I aromatized the sugar with a few leaves verbena, which turned out nice and added some freshness to the taste. And as well a vanilla bean found it’s way into the sugar. I am a bit addicted to vanilla once in a while! I baked the apricots for about 10 Minutes (200°C), until the sugar starts to caramelize. Mh, I like the smell!!




For some extra freshness, I blended some frozen pineapple (you know, as the ice cream lover I am, I always have frozen fruits in my freezer…) with 5 leaves basil and put it over the apricots. Nice!


20140813-_45A9984While taking out the frozen pineapples, I stumbled over some tarte forms I had frozen the other day, when I had to much dough. It is a perfect way not to waste leftovers, and to have little tartes in about 10 minutes!! Just freeze the dough in little tarte forms already. You can take them out whenever a little treat is needed. Just prebake the dough for 5 minutes, add fruits or whatever you desire and a mixture of egg yolk and cream and bake until golden! And then be proud to be such a fast and easy baker!


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