Sardegna 2014

It has been an amazing 2 weeks away from anything… I didn’t check e-mails, nor the world wide web at all, only some short messages to the family at home. And it felt great to take this break! Ok, I was thinking about this blog once in a while… but without pressure and this is something I really want to keep along. I know, this is hard to convert to the busy daily life, where the lack of time and the many ideas in my head just create pressure in a second, but I can try, no? And I will! For now, I need to reorganize myself and our family life. But that’s ok.

Sardegna is beautiful! Absolutely no doubt about it! The sea is almost carribean blue, the beaches are always just around the corner and very friendly for “bambinis”. We all loved it and will certainly come back one day!

IMG_7741 copySardinien1IMG_6573 copy


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Sardinien3IMG_7649 copySardinien4Sardinien

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