Meal Prep salad

Washed salads – always ready to eat!

Fresh washed salads

Salad in all variations – freshly washed and packaged

I can’t stress this enough: whoever washes, spins dry and packs fresh lettuce immediately after shopping, eats more greens! There is no doubt about it! I always keep a package of wasted salads in my fridge!

And since green salad in all variations are 95% of the basis of a delicious lunch bowl for me, I always have 2-3 types of fresh greens – ready to eat – stored in the fridge.

Together with the already prepared salad dressing, a simple green salad is on the table in 2 minutes. Or just the base for a delicious bowl in the bowl.

Frisch gewaschene grüne Salate im Sieb

Which varieties are suitable for Meal Prep?

Roughly speaking, any salad can be prepared and stored in the fridge. However, you should really dry the lettuce very well after washing. For this a salad spinner is suitable, or even a clean kitchen towel. This is beaten around the lettuce and then spun with all your might. ATTENTION: only spin outside or out of the window and of course never let go of the towel! Otherwise it rains optionally in the apartment or there is a salad rain!

As a rule of thumb, the more tender the lettuce leaves, the sooner they should be eaten. An endive, on the other hand, keeps chopped, washed and dried for up to a week.

  • Endive (my winter favorite!)
  • Lollo bianco
  • Lollo rosso
  • Batavia
  • Iceberg lettuce (probably the crunchiest of all lettuces, but please don’t buy it wrapped in plastic)
  • Arugula (so nice and spicy – I love arugula)
  • Lamb’s lettuce ( autumn / winter lettuce)
  • Young spinach (also always important for green smoothies)
  • Lettuce (tender leaves last about 3 days in the fridge)
  • Asian lettuces (can be super easy sown on the windowsill in boxes)
  • Watercress (alternatively nurture a pot)
  • Posteleia
Salatschleuder mit Rucolla

Steps for the perfect washed and cut lettuce:

  • Buy regional and seasonal products! This is important, otherwise the lettuce has been on the road too long until it is in the store
  • Pluck the lettuce / cut it into strips and sort it out
  • Wash the lettuce leaves well
  • Spin the lettuce dry – definitely don’t skip this step!!!
  • Pack in reusable zip-locs or glass containers
Gewaschen Salat - frisch abgepackt in Zip Locs

Get to the salad: buy, wash, dry – enjoy!

Really, give it a try! I find washed salads are – like the ready prepared dressing – a complete gamechanger! We eat at least one big serving of salad every day, often it’s two servings because it’s just so delicious! If I have to wash lettuce first…then I just skip it sometimes! For lack of time or laziness. But I’m always happy to get different varieties from the fridge and help myself!

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