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We have golden autumn weather since days. Sunshine, blue skies. Temperature starts to drop, but very slowly and sometimes it even feels more like spring, then autumn… kind of strange but beautiful.

Only the days are getting shorter and shorter and with this phenomenon my desire for winter vegetables with an earthy taste grows more and more. Therefor I made winter fries. Crunchy beetroot, parsnip, potatoes, sweet potatoes and violett carrots. Good. Very good. Served with some sour cream, maybe a little salad…

Normally I clean, cut and bake all my vegetables together with some olive oil in the oven for about 40 minutes (or less, depending on the size of the veggies). This time I precooked the vegetables, or let’s say I “preheated” them. I was reading the recipe from smitten kitchen last week and instantly wanted to try it out. Their recipes always work out perfect for me, and so did the oven fries.

This time I wanted to add the earthy goodness of all the other winter vegetables listed above, and they came out as crunchy outside and soft inside as expected. Go for it if you and your family are starving for fries. No need to add to much oil and fry them in a pan. This makes way to much work and adds to much fat and smells in the kitchen… Just use the method with cooking your veggies twice. First time for ten minutes in water ( cover them with cold water in a pan and start boiling them with high temperature for 10 minutes. If the water starts to boil, lower the heat to medium.) Then add a splash of olive oil and bake them in the hot oven (450°C) for 30 minutes, turning them around once in a while. Add some sea salt and dip this beautiful winter fries into some sour cream!



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