Happy Friday

I am still in Heidelberg, the town were I grew up. Each time I am here, I enjoy meeting friends, wandering through the old town, and I am still feeling home. Sitting on the playground with my boys, there is always someone coming by, sometimes it is quiet funny to meet each other after many years and suddenly surrounded by the own kids… It is good to have some quality time with my family. It can be challenging as well, though. We had warm and sunny days until today – now it is raining cats and dogs and autumn is around the corner. Next week our oldest one has to go back to school, daily routine will kick in fast. So I feel slightly wistful today, saying good bye to the summer and Heidelberg (with all the family and friends staying here). But I’m also looking forward, because I kind of like autumn and I can’t wait until we’ll do our yearly fall family hike in the mountains. Have a happy friday, here are some pictures from the last days…


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