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Ice-Cream Love II

Berry Ice -Cream Johannis-Stachelbeer Eis

As I already told you, I am an ice-cream lover! So here are 2 little inspirations for you to make delicious homemade ice-cream all by yourself and to your taste. This time I used red currants and gooseberries, and it turned out really refreshing! I strained the juice from the berries and some lemongrass (to add some flavor) and sweetened the juice. I was kind of lazy so I used my juicer, but of course you could also do it by hand. The juice was frozen overnight in ice-cube containers, and out came a delicious fruit- ice in cubes! So easy! Then I thought about a silky, creamy texture and added cold liquid cream to some of the cubes. The blender did the job and the result was amazing. The cream took away some of the acid but still the taste is so fresh! I want to encourage you to try different kind of fruits and just play around with the blender…

Berry Ice -Cream  Johannis-Stachelbeer Eis

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Berry Ice Cream Cubes

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