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Ice-Cream and me: a big love!


Since I can remember, I am a huge fan for ice-cream!  No matter where or when somebody offers me some, I always say YES, please! When I was a kid, we were living in the old town of Heidelberg. On week-ends we often had a stroll in the evening to the local ice-cream maker and the deal with my dad was, that we can eat as many scoops as we can manage to eat. If we won’t finish the cone, we would have to pay on our own…

Another thing I really love are cherries! They are one of my favorite fruits, maybe because it is still kind of a seasonal fruit. I mean you can get cherries in winter, but I won’t buy them. We do have a cherry tree in the garden and after a very disappointing crop last year, it was a very good one this year! So I decided to go for some cherry ice-cream! It is made the “easy-way”: wash and pit the cherries and freeze them overnight. Then put them into a blender and add liquid cream and sugar to your taste. I added also some mint for a little twist. Blend and enjoy right away!

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Cherry Ice-cream




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