Happy Friday

Happy Friday 4.07.

I am happy, because….

  • it was raining and raining and raining last sunday and we could stay in pyjamas the whole day, jumping around, feeling cozy back home again
  • it was a fun week at school for our oldest. For 3 days they all made experiments, and then a sports day – great!
  • i was working with the lovely Sandra, which is always a great pleasure!
  • my youngest was happy with my friend Anja during this time, thank you again Anja!
  • today it is bright sunshine and as friday afternoon you will always find me next to the soccer field, i am happy that it is dry ( maybe to hot? Oh no, I won’t complain :-))
  • we are going to host a little public viewing (soccer – of course…) with friends tonight! Germany – France, my boys are already more than excited!
  • I will drive to the airport tomorrow, to pick my brother with his lovely girlfriend, can’t wait to see them again!

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