Happy Friday

Make happy


… every single day since I met you! This needs to be said! Because this friday is an especially HAPPY friday for me. When I was waking up 10 years ago on a friday morning, I was instantly happy. But also wondering, who was this guy from upstairs on the party last night. I can be romantic, but I am a really realistic person as well, so after my heartbeat calmed down a bit I was telling myself: come on Tina, he was nice (and handsome, and funny, and energetic, and, and, and) BUT he is just a guy living in the same house as you, don’t think to much about him. It was like little devils wanted to keep me away from being happy- but it didn’t work. He was in my head or better said in my heart from the very first moment! I never believed in love at first sight, but he captured me right away! It took us 3 days to become a couple (3 days!!!! Like thursday I was still thinking you need to know a guy for at least 2 months to start a relationship…friday morning I changed my mind. 3 days!). Since then I never ever had an even tiny moment of doubt! He is just the one! He is the love of my life! I don’t want to miss a moment from the last ten years. I mean, not everything is always easy. We do struggle too, but to feel love growing and growing and growing makes me extremely thankful and HAPPY!!


Dieser Beitrag kann nicht von mir übersetzt werden… Ich nehme ihn einfach stillschweigend, genießend hin und freue mich mindestens genauso. GLÜCKLICH!

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